PIDRILAPython Interactive Deepweb-oriented Rapid Intelligent Link Analyzer is really fast async web path scanner prototype developed by BrightSearch team for all ethical netstalkers.
Installation & Usage

git clone
cd pidrila
python3 -u <URL>


Usage: [OPTIONS]

-U, --user-agent TEXT User-Agent
-t, --timeout INTEGER Request timeout [default: 30]
-A, --auth TEXT Basic HTTP auth, i.e. login:password
-M, --max-connections-per-host INTEGER
How many simultaneous connections should we
open (per each host) [default: 16]

-m, --max-connections INTEGER How many simultaneous connections should we
open [default: 128]

-p, --proxy TEXT Proxy address, like socks5h://
-p, --pathlist FILENAME Path list
-L, --url-list FILENAME Target URL list
-u, --url TEXT Target URL, option is mutually exclusive
with url_list [required]

-l, --logs DIRECTORY Destination directory for the logs
--http-method [head|get] HTTP method: GET or HEAD [default: get]
--help Show this message and exit.


  • Asynchronous
  • Can simultaneously scan unlimited number of sites
  • Keep-alive support
  • HTTP and SOCKS proxy support
  • User agent randomization

Usage examples

Scan single clearweb site

 python3 ./ -u http://silenthouse.yoba -M 128

Scan single onion site

 python3 ./ -u http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ro.onion -m 16 -M 16 --proxy=socks5h://

Fast batch scan with custom User-Agent

python3 ./ -m 2048 -L darkweb_sites_list.txt --user-agent "Pantusha/2.0 (4.2BSD)"

Download Pidrila

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