Anonymous greece answer to turk’s cyber attack’s!

Some drama has been circulating the media between Turkey and Greece with the recent “Hagia Sofia incident”. In response to the spectacle, a Turkish hacking group (Aslan Neferler Tim) retaliated by targeting the Greek Prime Minister’s webpage.

The hacking group released a statement with the attack:

“The duty is ours to answer to the Greek reaction to the prayer in Hagia Sofia. Tsipras do not be surprised, do not make us lose our patience.”

Of course, OP Anonymous Greece retaliated almost immediately. If you navigate to OP Anonymous Greece’s social media – their Facebook in particular – it becomes clear that the tension has been bubbling for a while now.

The group talks about the “constant Turkish violations of air and sea”, and how the recent hacking of the Greece PM page has induced a “cyber war”. The Turkish hackers are no strangers to confrontation however, and are eagerly verbally and virtually attacking their opponents back.

In the beginning, OP Anonymous Greece released a statement saying,


“Turkey Turkey, how many times we have told you that Greek Hackers and Anonymous are 100 times stronger than you. It’s probably time you to know our real power. You dropped a Greek website; you will lose 100 of yours.

We’re coming! We just started. Agia Sophia belongs to the Greeks. You cannot do anything. Your Turkish TV24 Channel is under attack by Greek Hackers and Anonymous.”

The group kept true to their promise, as just an hour later their attacks began. The website [] was the first target, followed by the threat of other government, TV, and banking websites. OP Anonymous Greece is calling for a “total cyber war”, and Turkey is only happy to oblige.

OP Anonymous Greece’s Facebook page warns of the upcoming attacks:


“Tomorrow 12:00 noon begins mass attacks on Turkish websites. Over 200 Turkish government websites will fall into the hands of Greeks anonymous. You started it and now you won’t be able to stop it with anything because we’re Greek! #Opanonymousgreece”

It’s clearly too late for this cyber war to turn to dust. We’re about to find out what exactly happens when two hacking groups are put against each other.

Now BLACKHATSEC TEAM join’s the game here is a new message from them ( they will join the attack bad news for turk’s) :

this is the message they posted on the internet:

Greeting’s from BLACKHATSEC Greece!

A tyrant (Greek tyrannos), in the modern English usage of the word, is an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or person, or one who has usurped legitimate sovereignty. Often described as a cruel character, a tyrant defends his position by oppressive means, tending to control almost everything in the state
Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as a person who rules without law, using extreme and cruel methods against both his own people and others.It is defined further in the Encyclopédie as a usurper of sovereign power who makes his subjects the victims of his passions and unjust desires, which he substitutes for laws.
Tyranny includes a variety of oppressive types of government – by a tyrant , by a minority or by a majority . The definition is extended to other oppressive leadership and to oppressive policies.

Wake up turkey this leader is not the savior of your people but the end of the democracy on your country.

Turk’s hacker stop attack greece.
Don’t open the box of pantora
because if you do , the answer will hit you very hard
we will attack and paralyze your country.we will destroy your media ,your airplains ,anything is moving will paralyze

This is a warning

We do not forgive
We do not forgett
Expect Us


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