DarkSide – Tool Information Gathering And Social Engineering


Hacker Dashboard

  1. Hacker News [thehackernews.com/]
  2. New Exploits [Exploit-db.com]
  3. Hacking Tutorials Video [youtube.com]
  4. The Latest Prices OF Digital Currencies [Rials , Usd]

Information Gathering

  1. Bypass Cloud Flare
  2. Cms Detect
  3. Trace Toute
  4. Reverse IP
  5. Port Scan
  6. IP location Finder
  7. Show HTTP Header
  8. Find Shared DNS
  9. Whois
  10. DNS Lookup


  1. Reference exploit-db.com

Social Engineering

[Support Ngrok]

  • Get system Information with link
  • Screen Captrue With Link
  • Play Sound With Link

Installation On Windows

$ Download  https://github.com/Ultrasecurity/DarkSide
$ cd DarkSide
$ python -m pip install -r requirments.txt
$ Download PHP V-7 in php.net AND Add To Path php.exe
$ python run.py

Download DarkSide


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