Your best friend in credential reuse attacks.
You give Cr3dOv3r an email then it does two simple useful jobs with it:

  • Search for public leaks for the email and returns the result with the most useful details about the leak (Using haveibeenpwned API) and tries to get the plain text passwords from leaks it find (Using @GhostProjectME).
  • Now you give it a password or a leaked password then it tries this credentials against some well-known websites (ex: facebook, twitter, google…) and tells if the login successful!

Some of the scenarios Cr3dOv3r can be used in it

  • Check if the targeted email is in any leaks and then use the leaked password to check it against the websites.
  • Check if the target credentials you found is reused on other websites/services.
  • Checking if the old password you got from the target/leaks is still used in any website.



usage: [-h] [-p] [-np] [-q] email

positional arguments:
email Email/username to check

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-p Don't check for leaks or plain text passwords.
-np Don't check for plain text passwords.
-q Quiet mode (no banner).

Installing and requirements

To make the tool work at its best you must have :

  • Python 3.x or 2.x (preferred 3).
  • Linux or Windows system.
  • Worked on some machines with MacOS and python3.
  • The requirements mentioned in the next few lines.

+For windows : (After downloading ZIP and upzip it)

cd Cr3dOv3r-master
python -m pip install -r win_requirements.txt
python -h

+For Linux :

git clone
cd Cr3dOv3r
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 -h

+For docker :

git clone
docker build -t cr3dov3r Cr3dOv3r/
docker run -it cr3dov3r ""

If you want to add a website to the tool, follow the instructions in the wiki


  • Twitter

Download Cr3dOv3r


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