It can be difficult to export your passwords from Firefox. Since version 57 of Firefox (Quantum) existing password export addons no longer work. Mozilla provides no other official alternatives. FF Password Exporter makes it quick and easy to export all of your passwords from Firefox. You can use FF Password Exporter on Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions.

How to Use

  1. Download and install/run FF Password Exporter. Use the links above.
  2. Choose the Firefox user’s profile directory you want to export passwords from.
  3. If you have set a master password to protect your Firefox passwords, enter it.
  4. Choose your export format: CSV or JSON.
  5. Click the export button and save the file to your device.

Supported Firefox Versions

  • Firefox 58+ with key4.db profiles


Run the app

npm install
npm run electron

Download FF Password Exporter


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