1. support fuzzy search broken header dex.
  2. fix struct data of dex-header.
  3. compatible with all android version(frida supported).
  4. support loading as objection plugin ~
  5. pypi package has been released ~


  • fridapip install frida
  • [optional] click pip install click


From pypi

pip3 install frida-dexdump
frida-dexdump -h

From source

git clone
cd FRIDA-DEXDump/frida-dexdump
python3 -h


  • Run frida-dexdump or python3 to attach current frontmost application and dump dexs.
  • Or, use command arguments:-n: [Optional] Specify target process name, when spawn mode, it requires an application package name. If not specified, use frontmost application.
    -p: [Optional] Specify pid when multiprocess. If not specified, dump all.
    -f: [Optional] Use spawn mode, default is disable.
    -s: [Optional] When spawn mode, start dump work after sleep few seconds. default is 10s.
    -d: [Optional] Enable deep search maybe detected more dex, but speed will be slower.
    -h: show help.
  • Or, loading as objection plugin
    1. clone this repo and move frida_dexdump into your plugins folder, eg: git clone ~/Downloads/FRIDA-DEXDump;
      mv ~/Downloads/FRIDA-DEXDump/frida_dexdump ~/.objection/plugins/dexdump
    2. start objection with -P or --plugin-folder your plugins folder, eg: objection -g explore -P ~/.objection/plugins
    3. run command: 
      1. plugin dexdump search to search and print all dex
      2. plugin dexdump dump to dump all found dex.

Download FRIDA-DEXDump

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